K-5 Report Cards Available in Home Access Center

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Elementary Report Cards (K-5) are now available to view and print via your Home Access Center (HAC) account.  To view your student’s report card please log in to your HAC account and click on the Grades icon. Next, click on the tab that says Report Card.  From this page you will have an option to print the report card for your records.

The State has only released FSA test results for 3rd grade Reading.  These results can be viewed on the last page of your 3rd grader’s report card.  A detailed breakdown of the FSA testing domains can be found by logging in to your HAC account.  Click on the Grades icon and then click on the Test Scores tab.

Palm Valley Academy will send additional communication when 4th, 5th, and 6th grade FSA results are in as well as 3rd grade FSA Math results.  We will also communicate with our 6th grade families when final report cards for middle school are available.

Please note this is a broadcast email message system that does not accept individual email replies.  For direct questions or concerns please contact a member of the PVA administrative team.

Home Access Center Questions can be directed to Mary Dominguez and/or Jen Mitchell [email protected]  [email protected]

Keep enjoying summer and until next time, be well.


Jessica Richardson- Principal

[email protected]

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