K-5th Grade Bobcat Bolt is this Thursday!

Dear Parents,

The Bobcat Bolt for K-5th grade students is this Thursday! Students should wear their grade level field trip shirt and athletic shoes, as well as bring a water bottle.

During each grade-level Bolt, the top fundraising class will have the honor of leading the rest of the grade around the Bobcat Bolt track. Students will run as many laps (.125 miles per lap) as they can in 15 minutes. Afterwards, each student will receive a keychain with a medallion representing the range of laps they ran as a keepsake.

Water will be available throughout the event and additional medical/nursing staff will be on site to ensure the health and well-being of all students. 

If attending, plan to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled event to allow time to find parking and get checked‐in. Parking is limited so carpooling is strongly encouraged. Parking will be available in the visitor parking lot, overflow lot and along the main road. The golf cart parking lot will also be open.  


Start End Grade Level Bolt Event
8:50 9:20 2nd Grade
9:45 10:15 3rd Grade
10:40 11:10 4th Grade
11:50 12:20 1st Grade
12:45 1:15 Kindergarten
1:40 2:10 5th Grade
2:10 2:20 All Attendees must exit the field


Upon arrival, go to the field entrance adjacent to the cafeteria (there will be posted signs to direct you – do not go to the front office). At the check-in table, show your driver’s license to receive your field access badge, which will grant access in/out of the field area only; you will not be allowed inside the school. The restrooms in the front office will be available for use. (See map for reference.) Bolt Race Day Map.pdf

If you didn’t RSVP, you can still attend. However, plan for a longer wait as priority will be given to RSVP check-ins. You need to have a School Access Form on file and will be required to show your driver’s license. If the school is unable to clear you, you may still watch the event from behind the fence.

To date, our school has raised more than $60,000, which is great! But, if we want to create the outdoor classroom/reward lunch space, add devices to each classroom and put up privacy screens/landscaping, we need to reach our stretch goal of $140,000. And, with your help and support, we know we can! 

Each student has an individual goal to raise $100. If you haven’t started fundraising, it’s not too late to start. There are fun prizes the kids can earn for their fundraising efforts. And, every contribution helps out in a big way!

Fundraising Tips:

Fundraising efforts for the school and individual incentives continue through November 13. See details in the Parent Fact Sheet.


Thank you for your ongoing support of our students, school and community. Go Bobcats!


The Bobcat Bolt Committee & PVA PTO

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