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PVA-Principal Update and Communication

Good afternoon PVA Families,

First and foremost, it is our sincere hope that this message finds everyone safe and healthy.  As we all find ourselves adjusting to a new normal, we want to provide our Bobcat community with a brief update on what next week will look like for the staff of PVA and what you can do to begin preparations for Monday, March 30th.

As Superintendent Forson communicated yesterday, our school campuses will remain closed at this time and our teachers will begin working remotely this week.  Only essential staff will be on campus and we will continue to respond and communicate with families via phone and email.  Directions for picking up emergency medications and any necessary instructional materials will be provided to families later in the week.

The week of March 23rd-March 27th will be a planning week for our staff.  We will use this time to transition our employees to remote work and prepare for greeting and introducing our students to their new learning environment on Monday, March 30th.

We will be in communication later in the week with the details and logistics for each grade level and provide further information for families who may require additional assistance with technology.

We want to let you know that while our school campuses are closed,  Palm Valley Academy will be providing meal service for families in need, Monday-Friday, from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Please help us spread the word to those families that would benefit from this service.

Meal services will be provided at select schools that are not included in the need-based Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and USDA programs.  

  • These meals are intended for children in need of meals during the unanticipated school closings, typically those who participate in the school lunch program based on need.
  • Meals will be provided through a walk-up and drive-thru service in the parent drop off loop at the participating schools. 
  • The meals will be provided to children 18 years or younger. Children must be present to receive meals.   
  • Children may receive meals at the nearest participating school, even if it is not where they attend school.  This eliminates the need for families to drive to multiple schools. 
  • Each day, lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day will be provided at the same time.

As public-school educators we are adjusting to what our daily routines, procedures, and processes will look like without being able to “see” your children on a daily basis.  I am sure your households are having many of the same conversations that we are and if we are honest, we are all probably struggling with finding rhythm, structure, and systems for a schooling world we have yet to experience.

As you maneuver a second week of “vacation” with your students, I would ask you to focus on establishing a daily routine, without worrying about academics.  Just begin to get your students used to their new habits and an at home schedule.  The week of March 30th we will worry about rolling in the academic structure to your routines.  This week concentrate on blocks of time that might include hobbies, exercise, crafts, family meals, free reading, games, and maybe even a few chores around the house.

At our house, we will have four people working/schooling from home with four very different personalities, needs, and priorities.  Our goal for next week includes building the framework for our “typical day”.  We are creating individual schedules, but they will all include a few basics.  A routine time to wake up and a routine time to go to bed.  Morning, afternoon, and evening blocks (with flexibility) for exercise, meals, school/work time, individual down time, and family time.  We are planning to hold each other accountable by sharing our accomplishments each evening and our goals for the next day.  This simple structure can be modified for any age group and if we ask for input and feedback, I have a feeling that even our youngest learners may surprise their parents with their thoughts and ideas about daily schedules.  Give it a try!

The thought of not greeting your children face-to-face on Monday, March 30th is our new reality and not the way we thought our Spring Break would end.  Our promise to them, and to you, is that we will work each day to provide opportunities for new connections to take place and that no matter what the space or platform may look like, we are still here to educate, care for, and build positive and meaningful relationships with your children.  We are ready to get creative, have some fun with our PVA morning news, make your students smile, make them laugh, help them continue learning and assist everyone in remembering all of the Good Things we have to share and be thankful for!!!

In closing, there is no other group of people that I would want to move through this new journey with than our 1902 students and families and our 200 staff members.  It is a true honor and privilege to serve this school community and to be a Bobcat!

We Can, We Will, We Must!  We are PVA!!!

Until next time, be well.


Jessica Richardson- Principal – [email protected]