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Back to School Message from Ms. Richardson

June 26, 2020

Good evening Palm Valley Academy Families,

With the start of school postponed until Monday, August 31st, I wanted to let our families know what we have been up to at PVA and what to look for in the coming weeks.   A message from my heart..and my home…. to you and yours is below.

Our goal has always been to communicate clearly, efficiently, and transparently with our stakeholders.  I have intentionally limited our communication and stayed somewhat silent over the last few months as the messaging we are receiving is continually changing, making it very difficult to provide our families with consistency or clarity.   With that said, please rest assured that we have not been absent from our commitment to prepare and plan for the return of our students and the reopening of our school.

Your summer staff have been working diligently to hire teachers and non-instructional personnel, deep clean and fulfill preventative maintenance within our classrooms and school grounds, finish installation of our relocatables, enroll new students, create classes and schedules for our brick and mortar students and our school-based distance learning students, formulate plans and create guidelines to implement necessary safety and health protocols for in person learning environments, and attend needed professional development, all while navigating daily communication and messaging related to Covid-19 and the reopening of schools.

As we move through the next few weeks, we will begin to release communication, both written and video, to assist our families in feeling connected, informed, and prepared, no matter what educational option you have chosen for the fall of 2020.

In my quiet time I have been reflecting a lot on the numerous choices and decisions that have been made for us since March.  Our sense of control may seem diminished and while much has been out of our control, I would like to remind our Bobcat family of a few things we can control, and we can choose.

JOY  is a choice.

GRATITUDE is a choice.

We can choose to be intentional in our relationships.

We can choose to capture hearts and capture minds.

We can choose to be truly connected, in person or virtually.

We can choose to control our actions, reactions, and responses. (personally, and professionally)

Being BRAVE despite our fears, worries, and angst is a choice.

Going slow to go fast is a deliberate choice.

Walking through daily life with purpose, on mission and with vision is a choice.

Our Mission– We Will Pursue Excellence, We will Value All, We Will Achieve Success.

Our Vision– Building Purposeful Leaders Where Everyone Shines Through Achievement.

Our Mantra– We Can. We Will. We Must.

Choice is defined as an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.  The words above will be our choice for the 2020-20201 school year.  We humbly invite our students, parents, and loved ones to join us in this intentional mindset and journey and we want you to feel confident and calm about your choices.

No matter what decision you have made for school, the choice is the right one and we will be here to support you.  It is what is right for your family, for this time, for this space.

As we continue to navigate the possibilities and choices that are yet to be seen, I would respectfully request that we all commit to remain flexible, lovable, and teachable.  We have 180 days or approximately 950 hours ahead of us to lead, learn, and love alongside of our students, staff, and community.  If we are committed to our “why”, I promise we will be better together and our children, from kindergarten through eighth grade, will reap the benefits and find success.

We have missed all of you terribly and look forward to welcoming you back to school!

Until next time, be well.


Jessica Richardson- Principal

PS: Be on the lookout for a PVA Admin video later this week!  Go Bobcats!