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Thursday, April 8th

Elementary: Chicken Sandwich and Cheese sticks, 

Middle School: Chicken Sandwich, Cheese sticks and Papa Johns.


Elementary Student Lunch: $2.80
Middle School Student Lunch: $2.95
Reduced Lunch: $.40
Breakfast: $1.25 Reduced Breakfast: $.30
Adult Lunch: $4.00
Adult Breakfast: $1.60

Coming in the near future…

Papa John’s Pizza!
Middle school parents: Papa John’s Pizza is offered every Thursday as a choice for lunch. It is a ala carte item only and offered for 1.85. Thanks!

Palm Valley Academy offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily for lunch along with two to three choices of entrees daily. We encourage parents and kids to take a full lunch daily which includes these healthy choices!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email cafeteria manager Christopher Parker at [email protected] or call the school at extension 14207.  

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PVA Cafeteria Inspection Information 2019-2020

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