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Staff Directory


Mr. Zachary Strom


Ms. Bonnie Curran

Assistant Principal

  • K-8 ESE
  • Point of Contact for K-2


Assistant Principal

  • Textbooks, Curriculum & Resources
  • Point of Contact for 3-5

Ms. Ashley Zapata

Assistant Principal 

  • Gifted, 504s, & MTSS
  • Point of Contact for 6-8

Front Office and School Support Staff

Ms. Fultz

Confidential Secretary

Ms. Fasula


Ms. Burke

Front Desk Receptionist

Ms. Jenkins

Front Desk Receptionist

Ms. Frey

Guidance Clerk

Ms. Hodge

LEA Clerk

Ms. McInerney

Media Para

Ms. Rowbottom

Media Para

School Clerk

Ms. Dominguez

Computer Operator

Ms. McClung

Computer Operator

Mr. Sands

Technology Support Specialist

School Nurse

Mr. Wilson

Youth Resource Officer

Student Support and Guidance

Mr. Puckett

Dean of Students

[email protected]

Ms. Wilson

Testing Coordinator

[email protected]

Ms. Frick

School Counselor  –

Elementary (K-2)

[email protected]

Ms. Fennelly

School Counselor – 

Elementary (3-5)

[email protected]

Ms. Ferguson

School Counselor – 

Middle School (6-8) 

[email protected]


Ms. Beatty

Ms. Durr

Ms. Hudson

Ms. Lupica

Ms. Munoz

Ms. Reed

Ms. Straw


Ms. Adamo

Ms. Beamer

Ms. Conley

Ms. Knapp

Ms. Lagoutaris

Ms. Latzko

Ms. Schumpp

Ms. Walzel

Second Grade

Ms. Anderson

Ms. Carter

Ms. Henson

Ms. Mouse

Ms. Ridout

Ms. Sandvick

Ms. Smalling

Ms. Valentin

Ms. Wilkie

Third Grade

Ms. Connolly

Ms. Guerra

Ms. Houser

Ms. Kelley

Ms. Mancino

Ms. Moritz

Ms. Nace

Ms. Sher

Ms. Stevens

Ms. Taylor

Fourth Grade

Ms. Sgroi – ELA/Social Studies

Mr. Kearns – Math/Science

Ms. Warden – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Crawford – Math/Science

Mr. Dion – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Harkness – Math/Science

Ms. Carter – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. McClung – Math/Science

Ms. Buckner – All Subjects

Fifth Grade

Ms. Pappas – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Turnipseed – Math/Science

Ms. Shaw – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Coulter – Math/Science

Ms. Harrah – ELA/Social Studies

Ms. Lake – Math/Science

Ms. Rossetti – ELA/Social Studies

Mr. Sheeks – Math/Science

Ms. Cooper – All Subjects

Elementary Resource

Ms. Goodwin


Ms. Gwaltney


Mr. Henson

Physical Education

Ms. Mattheus


Ms. Creech

Media Specialist

Ms. Lombardi


Middle School

Language Arts

Ms. Kawaley

Language Arts – 6th/7th Grade

Ms. Leavell

Language Arts – 7th Grade & IR

Ms. Nettles

Language Arts – 7th/8th Grade

Ms. Tarsitano

Language Arts – 7th/8th Grade


Mr. McArthur

Math – 6th Grade

Ms. Lindsay

Math – 7th Grade & IM

Ms. Mitchell

Math – 7th/8th Grade

Ms. Garnecki

Math – 7th/8th Grade


Ms. Brown
Science – 6th Grade

Mr. Bench

Science – 6th Grade

Mr. Bavuso

Science – 7th Grade

Dr. Duraiswamy

Science – 8th Grade

Social Studies

Ms. Stiller

Social Studies – 6th Grade

Ms. Youmans

Social Studies – 7th Grade

Ms. LaCoste

Social Studies – 7th/8th Grade

Ms. Christensen

Social Studies – 8th Grade

Middle School Electives


Ms. Blocker


Ms. Stofko

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Ms. Johns


Mr. Mattheus


Ms. Danko

Physical Education

Physical Eduction

Ms. Diaz-Barrios


Instructional Support/ESE

Ms. Miller

Instructional Literacy Coach

Ms. Thelen

Varying Exceptionalities

Ms. Hood

Varying Exceptionalities

Ms. Burton

Varying Exceptionalities

Ms. Sleeper

Varying Exceptionalities

Ms. Duncan

Varying Exceptionalities

Ms. Rocque

Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Cherry

Speech Language Pathologist

School Psychologist

Ms. Kirchner

Mental Health Counselor

Ms. Holmes

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Brandenburg

Physical Therapist

Ms. Raices-Morales

Social Worker


Ms. Colteryahn

Ms. Gue

Ms. Gupton

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Kinkead

Ms. Ray

Ms. Raya

Ms. Roy

Mr. Sassa

Ms. Weber

Ms. Yatsenko

Food and Nutrition

Mr. Parker

Food Service Manager

[email protected]

Extended Day

Ms. Stephen

Extended Day Coordinator [email protected]


Mr. Smith

Maintenance Manager

[email protected]