Staff Directory

Staff & Teachers 2019-2020

Staff email addresses are not available on the website due to security issues. Please call the main office for specific email addresses or check Home Access Center (HAC) for the teacher’s email address.

Ms. Richardson, Principal [email protected] Administration Website
Mr. Chiodo, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Mr. Green, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Ms. Slocum, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Ms. Stewart, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Mr. Strom, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Ms. Bell Kindergarten Website
Ms. Booth
Ms. Buttacavoli
Ms. Carter
Ms. Durr
Ms. Ferlaino
Ms. Munoz
Ms. Peters
Ms. Roces
Ms. Rogers
Ms. Ruiz
Ms. Sandoval-Beatty
Ms. Sisneroz
Ms. Straw
Ms. Vincent
First Grade
Ms. Adamo First Grade Website
Ms. Anderson
Ms. Beamer
Ms. Bellino
Ms. Grizzard, Associate Teacher
Ms. Knapp
Ms. Latzko
Ms. Lundberg, Associate Teacher
Ms. McCrary
Ms. McVay
Ms. Powell
Ms. Ridout
Ms. Sgroi
Ms. Stone, Associate Teacher
Ms. Zanaglio
Second Grade
Ms. Boyer Second Grade Website
Ms. Bunke, Associate Teacher
Ms. Castaldi, Associate Teacher
Ms. Coppes
Ms. Dumbacher
Ms. Giampetro
Ms. Hale
Ms. Harkness
Ms. Hoessler
Ms. Houser
Ms. Meyers
Ms. Poeun
Ms. Warden
Ms. Willis
Third Grade
Mr. Arcuri Third Grade Website
Ms. Buckner
Ms. Dinkins
Ms. Farrand
Ms. Guerra, Associate Teacher
Ms. Harrah
Ms. Hughes
Ms. Kelley
Ms. Mancino
Ms. Morris
Ms. Nace
Ms. Phillips
Ms. Schickley
Fourth Grade
Ms. Adams, Associate Teacher Fourth Grade Website
Ms. Beaulieu
Ms. Bohn
Ms. Cheatham
Ms. Knee, Associate Teacher
Ms. Lowery
Ms. McClung
Ms. Meredith
Ms. Satterfield
Ms. Shaw, Associate Teacher
Ms. Simmer
Ms. Taylor
Fifth Grade
Ms. Betsey Fifth Grade Website
Ms. Coulter
Ms. Dykes
Ms. Lagoutaris, Associate Teacher
Ms. Lake
Ms. Martinez
Mr. McArthur
Ms. Slosson
Ms. Stuckey
Ms. Weber
Middle School
Ms. Egeln Critical Thinking- Digital Tools Middle School Website
Ms. Hart ICT
Ms. Chaker Language Arts/Social Studies
Ms. Brown Math/STEM
Ms. Dehner Math
Ms. Smith Math
Ms. Parlette Math
Ms. Nettles Language Arts/Social Studies
Ms. Todrick Social Studies
Ms. Zentz Science/Peer Counseling
Ms. Harris Science
Ms. Jeffers Science
Ms. McCoy Science
Ms. Leavell Language Arts/Social Studies
Ms. Youmans Language Arts
Mr. Braddock Social Studies
Mr. Mann Social Studies
Ms. Stiller Social Studies
Ms. Barker PE
Mr. Torr PE
Ms. Milanovich Art
Ms. Pellot Spanish
ESE & Varying Exceptionalities Instructional Staff
Ms. Ellis VE

ESE Website

Speech & Language Therapy Website

Ms. Seaman’s Website

Ms. Krejci VE
Ms. Resetar VE
Ms. Stevens VE
Ms. Struble VE
Ms. Thelen VE
Ms. Carrier Speech Pathologist
Ms. Hladun Speech Pathologist
Ms. Scales Speech Pathologist
Ms. Talreja Speech Pathologist
Ms. Killian School Psychologist
Ms. Flynn Physical Therapist
Ms. Talbert Occupational Therapist
Ms. Seaman Gifted Consultative Teacher
Ms. Cleary Social Worker
Ms. Gwaltney Art

Resource Website

Band & Music Website

Ms. Durden ASL K-5
Ms. Carpenter Computer & Technology Skills
Ms. Egeln Critical Thinking- Digital Tools
Ms. Hoppenworth Media Specialist
Mr. Price Middle School Band
Ms. Hines Music
Ms. C. Anderson PE -Elementary
Mr. Henson PE – Elementary
Ms. Barker PE- Middle School
Mr. Torr PE- Middle School
Ms. Milanovich Art- Middle School
Ms. Pellot Spanish- Middle School
Ms. Lombardi STEAM/Computer Education
Mental Health, Academic, and Behavior Support Staff
Ms. Newbold Instructional Literacy Coach Guidance Website
Ms. Anzualda Guidance Counselor
Ms. Delaney Guidance Counselor
Ms. Fennelly Guidance Counselor
Ms. Ngai-Crim Guidance Counselor
Ms. Frey Guidance Clerk
Office Staff
Ms. Stenwall Confidential Secretary
Ms. Johnson School Secretary/Bookkeeper
Ms. Bambach Front Desk Receptionist
TBA Front Desk Receptionist
Ms. Valcin School Clerk
Ms. Wilson LEA Clerk
Ms. Mitchell Computer Operator Clerk
Mr. Sands TSS
Ms. Dominguez Data Operator/Registrar Registration Website
Ms. Fasula School Nurse Clinic Website
Ms. MacGilvray School Nurse Clinic Website
Mr. Velsor Dean
Ms. Bromley
Ms. Clark
Ms. Colteryahn
Ms. Escalante
Ms. Kinkead
Ms. Lambert
Ms. Mason
Ms. McInerney
Ms. Raya
Ms. Russell
Ms. Woolsey
Ms. Zuppa
Food and Nutrition
Mr. Parker Food Service Manager Food Service Website
Mr. Santiago Maintenance Coordinator