Summer Learning Opportunities

All students are encouraged to participate in our Summer Reading Program. Students will record the book titles, dates, and the number of minutes read each week on the attached reading log. Students may also complete the Summer Reading Bingo Activity. The (K-2) goal is to read 15 minutes a day and the (3-6) goal is to read 30 minutes a day throughout the summer. The program will start May 29th and end August 8th. Students who turn in their reading logs and/or Bingo cards to the library between August 9th and August 15th will be entered into a raffle for prizes. Multiple students at each grade level will have the opportunity to earn prizes for their Summer Reading Logs.
4 Bingo Cards= 1 Summer Reading Log

View our Summer Learning Opportunities.

Attendance Zoning

St. Johns County School District conducted an intensive process of community collaboration, that began with three Town Hall Meetings in September of 2017. After much community input and the development of multiple plans, the School Board approved the attendance zones for K-8 Schools KK and LL on November 14th.

View the 2018-2019 Attendance Zoning For School “KK”

School “KK” is scheduled to open for grades K-6. Students, who were rezoned, but are going into grades 7 and 8 will continue to attend their current school. Please see the following information onĀ Grandfathering.

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